Global experience, local focus: Swissport GBH Honduras relies on permanent assistance by partners for gaining access to the latest technologies, systems and procedures. At the same time, it is a Honduran company almost completely (97%) manned by local personnel, who contribute their knowledge of the special characteristics of the local market.

Security: Our procedures are based on international standards and the cargo and operations are adequately insured and protected by a closed camera circuit, alarms, smoke detectors, and highly trained security personnel


Cargo handling technology: Our computerized cargo handling system is based on bar code technology; it uses proprietary software, with printing and bar code reading applications for efficient identification and control of cargo movements. This offers the following advantages:

- Enhanced security,
- Timely information,
- Savings in terms of time and manpower,
- Minimization of human errors,
- Improved customer care,
- Facilitates permanent electronic audit of inventory stocks.



Modern Infrastructure: Swissport GBH Honduras has facilities that cover 6,500 square meters at the Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula, and 4,000 square meters at the Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa, containing primarily equipment and machinery, as well as warehouses for general cargo, miscellaneous cargo, hazardous materials, containers, vaults for valuable cargo, and refrigerating chambers.

Each area is protected by maximum security and interconnected with Swissport’s computer system to keep the cargo safe, controlled and traceable at all times. There are also bank offices and several airline offices within the facilities.


Cold-storage facilities: We have two refrigerated chambers having a total area of over 180 square meters in San Pedro de Sula, and another refrigerated chamber of 31 square meters in Tegucigalpa. The temperature in these chambers can be lowered down to +1 ºC or 33.8 ºF, which enables us to handle the reception, palletization, storage and transportation of customers’ perishable exports, from our warehouse to the airport ramp, as well as storing perishable import goods.


Modern machinery and continuous enhancement of infrastructure:

Fuel-operated and electric forklifts
Precision scales
Baggage tractors
Last-generation computers
Equipment for transferring the cargo from and to the aircraft, and the latest ground handling equipment for loading/unloading cargo into/from the aircraft.

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